vertical Three Pass Soild Fuel Thermopack


3-Pass Vertical Design Thermic Fluid Heater is a special design for Solid Fuel Fire

The high temperature Thermic Fluid Heater is a forced Circulation water tube design in which thermic fluid under pressure circulate though a set of nested coils while draft combustion gases travel across the coils. The hot gases envelop the entire tube surface making maximum use of both Radiant & convective heat to achieve very high heat transfer rates.A circulating pump is selected to give the proper flow rate and pressure for each application to optimize motor horse power required while maintaining low film temp. to ensure long fluid life. Temperature controls monitor the output temperature and regulates the supply of fuel & air to the furnace to provide efficient combustion of the fuel.

Technical Features:

Capacity: 1,00,000 kcal/hr. to 8,00,000 kcal/hr.

Temperature: Upto 400°C

Fuel: Wood / Coal / Agro Waste / etc.
» 3-Pass Design for Solid Fuel Firing

» Package/Factory assembled unit

» Safe & Economical

» Efficiency of 78+2%

Excess Air Reduction: Radiant Heat Exchange above the furnace cooled. Hence, less excess air is required and ultimately increases efficiency.

Air preheating: combustion air from FD fan passes through air preheated that absorbs the waste heat in the fuel gases. It ultimately results into efficiency increase.

Multi-fuel Option: Our Boiler is most suitable for Coal, Wood Waste, Bagasse, Lignite etc. for optimum level output with some modification in combustion chamber.

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