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Gas and Oil Fired IBR Boiler


We are a well known experienced manufacturer of Oil Fired Steam Boiler. Our offered products are equipped with large heating areas and large content of co2 burners, which helps in maintaining clean combustion. We use most advanced technologies and high grade raw materials to deliver premium quality product. In addition, these products are available in competitive prices and customized sizes.

Type: Three pass horizontal, smoke tube, fully wetback, packaged boiler, conforming to the latest revisions of Indian Boiler Regulations. (IBR)

Capacity: 600 to 2000 kg/h F & A100º C

Working Pressure: 10.54 kg/cm2 (g).

Fuel: LDO / FO / Gas / Dual Fuel (Oil cum Gas)

Thermal Efficiency: 88 ± 2 % without heat recovery unit and 92 ± 2 % with heat recovery unit based on NCV of fuel oil.

Burner: Fully automatic pressure jet (high – low / steeples modulation)



» Fully automatic
» 88% thermal efficiency
» Smooth operation
» Completely safe and no explosion hazard
» Low maintenance


Technical Features:

» High thermal efficiency of 90% ± 2 on NCV of fuel without Heat Recovery Unit

» High steam dryness fraction increases usable heat

» Fully wet back construction ensuring maximum heat absorption by water

» Furnace with high radiant heating surface maintaining safe furnace wall temperatures much below the permissible limits

» Large furnace volume ensuring complete combustion

» High heat transfer areas giving longer boiler life

» High steam space & water space providing ability to quickly respond to fluctuating load

» Optimum outlet flue gas temperatures

» Combustion air pre heater / feed water pre heater available as optional heat recovery units

» Continuous modulating, fully automatic, pressure jet type burners

» Robust & reliable flame monitoring system

» Easy maintenance

» Robust & reliable fuel pre heater (required in case of burning heavy oils) which is of special steam cum electric design with concentric coils in thermic fluid bath avoiding direct contact of fuel oil with electrical heating element
Powder coated, well lit control panel with systematic wiring layout with tag nos. etc. for easy trouble shooting as well as better life in industrial environment

» Prompt & reliable after sale services with “customer first” attitude



Our oil fired boiler has applications in various types of industries like chemical, pharmaceuticals, food processing, laundry, hotels, hospitals, dairy, edible oil, textile etc. where steam is required for indirect & direct process heating purpose.

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Gas and Oil Fired IBR Boiler
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