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We are well-known Non-IBR Steam Boiler manufacturer in India .  We offer fuel and energy efficient boiler. Our Boiler delivers high steam output, which is characterized by high steam pressure and temperature. These compact sized devices are available with us in various technical specification, range and models. Our devices are acclaimed for their high productivity and reliability. we also offer these devices at affordable rates.


Capacities: 100 kg/hr to 1000 kg/hr

Pressure: 10.54 / 15 / 17.5 / 21 kg/cm2g

Steam dryness fraction: 0.9 (without moisture separator)

Fuel suitability: Light Oil, Light Diesel Oil, Diesel, Heavy Oil, Furnace Oil, LPG, Natural Gas, Biodiesel, Biogas, Palm Oil Residue

Burner: Own make, pressure jet type, ON – OFF / Modulating, fully automatic

Efficiency: Overall efficiency of 93% on NCV of fuel with Heat Recovery Unit


Technical Features:

» Revolutionary design with capacity of 1000 kg/hr

» High thermal efficiency of 93% on NCV of fuel

» Instant steam within 3 to 5 minutes from cold start

» Fully automatic in operation so no running attention required

» Outside the purview of Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR), so no annual IBR Inspection formalities required & certified boiler attendant is not required to operate the boiler

» Large furnace volume, high radiant heat transfer area & high convective heat transfer area ensuring long life of boiler

» Pre heating of combustion air is an integral part of the boiler ensuring smooth & complete combustion

» Feed water pre heater is supplied as a heat recovery unit which recovers maximum possible waste heat from outgoing flue gas increasing the overall efficiency of the boiler

» Reliable & robust components giving smooth & trouble free operation

» Easy access to all parts requiring maintenance

» Space saving, compact design

» Powder coated, well lit control panel with systematic wiring layout with tag nos. etc. for easy trouble shooting as well as better life in industrial environment

» Completely packaged unit with all mountings & accessories fitted along with the unit, so site work is minimized & plug & play concept is applicable

» Prompt & reliable after sale services with “customer first” attitude



Our Non IBR boiler has applications in various types of industries like chemical, pharmaceuticals, food processing, laundry, hotels, hospitals, dairy, edible oil, textile etc. where steam requirement is less & instant steam is required in minimum possible time from cold start for a start – stop (batch) operation for indirect & direct process heating purpose.

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